We protect hightech – also in your train.


Every one of us enters a tram or train carriage at some point in our lives. When we do so, there is a tonne of work being carried out beneath our feet. For instance, the 25 000 V operating voltage from the overhead power line is transformed to the voltage for operating the lighting and on-board power supply.
Protected by a sophisticated underfloor enclosure made by the caleg-gruppe. Based on a welded, riveted construction, ultra-stable steels, aluminium and stainless steel are combined with each other to address both the taxing demands of railway-specific vibration testing and weight requirements. This cabinet made by the caleg-gruppe is for protecting the converter and travelling guests, and has an assured minimum usage of 30 years.

underfloor enclosure cabinet for railway

Your one-stop supplier for hightech protection

The caleg-gruppe is the specialist when it comes to keeping your electronics safe from harmful environmental influences.

Our enclosures and cabinets protect against:
• mechanical stress
• environmental factors (water, dust or sunlight)
• electromagnetic incompatibility (EMC)

Our cabling and test procedures protect against:
• electrical faults

Our cooling and heating solutions protect against:
• overheating
• undercooling

With the caleg-gruppe, you have a one-stop supplier for this type of complete protection, ensuring perfect coordination. Every product that we produce is an individual solution tailored to the unique requirements of every customer.

cabinet refrigeration
protecctet guests from railway

So that customers are safe too

More important than the protection of your electronic components is the protection of the people using your technology day in day out. In the end, despite all of our expertise in the fields of construction and production and all the standards associated with that, it is the safety of your customer that has top priority.

Because we also come up with the concept for housing solutions in addition to manufacturing them, we can also take the user-friendliness of your systems into account.
As a result, we ensure that your customer is safe and that working with your high-tech equipment is a pleasant affair.

enclosures and cabinets for electronics – direct from manufacturer

From concept to manufactured product

Design – the start of the product development process

The required features of the future product are defined right at the start during the design phase. This applies above all to the standards that the product will have to meet. Our competence extends beyond national boundaries, with DIN, ISO, UL, CA, IP, NEMA and various railway standards being part of our daily business.

The first steps towards the product solution are taken using ultramodern CAD technology (HiCAD/Inventor) and our own automated design program. The work standard of the caleg-gruppe when it comes to production technology is incorporated into the future product during the design stage too.
Consequently, an optimal price-performance ratio is assured.

Enclosures Design cabinet development
Enclosures CNC lasering cabinet bendingg

Modern production lines with optimised processes

Only the most modern, CNC-managed solutions for perforating, lasering, bending, welding and polyurethane foam are used by the caleg-gruppe. In our welding and powder coating areas we make use of additional automated and partly-automated production processes. While the systems themselves play a large role, the solutions adapted to the production process are central too.

Thanks to quickly convertible machinery systems, the caleg-gruppe can guarantee enormously diverse production while manufacturing batches in optimal sizes to high quality standards. Long-standing partnerships with machinery suppliers ensure that we are able to continually develop
the machinery we have.

Surface coating – component assembly – wiring
Depending on the area and conditions of usage, various systems for surface coating and corrosion protection are derived from a base material and coating powder.

When manufacturing has been completed, the goods are put into temporary storage for additional, just-in-time handling by the customer or prepared for direct shipment.
We can also take care of component assembly and wiring based on the same standards.

component assembly in enclosures

Companies and factorys in the caleg-gruppe

caleg Schrank und Gehäusebau GmbH (caleg Cabinet and Enclosure Construction) is responsible for the highly-individualised development and production of stainless steel, steel sheet and aluminium housing and cabinet solutions within the caleg-gruppe.

roger GmbH is the semi-custom producer in the caleg-gruppe. Expanding on a broad spectrum of electrical cabinets, 19″ racks, other racks, table-top enclosures and front panels, it develops and produces customer-specific solutions.

cam GmbH builds on our existing service offering in the caleg-gruppe, adding assembly, component assembly and wiring. Development and installation of housing air-conditioning and ventilation is likewise one of its core competencies.

caleg gruppe calau
caleg gruppe Saarbruecken
caleg gruppe Lubsko

The caleg-gruppe in figures

We currently have more than 400 employees working on a production space of 25 000 m2 across 3 sites. Our largest site, located in Calau, has a production area of over 15 000 m2. The site gained a new manufacturing hall in 2016/2017 featuring the latest coating and powder technologies. During the same time, the Group’s machinery at our Lubsko (3 000 m2) and Saarbrücken (7 000 m2) sites was adjusted, with additional capacity created and increased flexibility. These investments amounted to more than €7.5 million.

The caleg-gruppe has sales offices in France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

The products and manufacturing processes at the caleg-gruppe meet international standards, including: DIN ISO EN 9001:2015, UL Certification, CA certification, certification for railway welding and the Alstom painting certificate.

Facts & figures

►Punching and laser cutting

1 x Trumpf TruMatic 3000

1 x Trumpf TruMatic 5000 FMC

2 x Trumpf TruMatic 6000 FMC

3 x Trumpf TruMatic 7000 FMC

Punching and laser cutting

►Fully automated metal sheed warehouse

We can process sheets up to
3000 mm x 1500 mm

and to a thickness of:
– black plate:       8 mm
– stainless steel:  4 mm
– aluminium:       8 mm

Bending,folding and rounding

►Bending,folding and rounding

10  x Amada

2    x ADIRA

1     x Weinbrenner

1     x Schröter PowerBend

1     x rounding machines
We can process up to a lenght of 3400 mm  with 170 to max. pressure

Fully automated metal sheed warehouse


– TIG, MAG and plasma

– steel sheet

– stainless steel

– aluminium

– stud welding robot up to size M12

– finishing with sanding or blasting (stainless steel)

Welding - TIG, MAG and plasma
welding robots cabinet
Powder coating

Final processing

-powder coating


-final assembly

-aluminium anodization


-cable assembly


Assembly Testing

Some examples from the manufacturing

Contact us:

caleg Schrank und Gehäusebau GmbH
Gahlener Weg 15
D-03205 Calau

Phone +49 (0) 3541 84-0
Fax +49 (0) 3541 84-530
E-Mail: vertrieb@caleg.de

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